Data Roaming in EU 30.4 2016….What is happening?

eu-flaggorFrom the 30th of April 2016 the operators in Europe are not allowed to invoice more than 0,05 € above the local tarriff for data, when roaming within the EU countries.

Different operators have reacted in separate ways. One puts a daily limit on data volumes, and invoices gladly for MBs over the limit. Another cuts the traffic to walking speed, so that you barely can read your emails. A third increases the local prices.

At Flexinets we have two different solutions for this:

1. To “a normal corporate user” we offer data roaming services in whole Europe at a price of 0,048 € per MB of data. 

  • With full speed.
  • No limitations of VoIP or other services.
  • No fixed daily or monthly cost.
  • No SIM cards to be changed between countries.
  • Just a simple 0,048 € per MB price.
  • Also including Norway, Switzerland and several other countries outside EU.

(On top of that you get really great prices on data roaming outside EU. What about 0,60 € in countries like Mexico, Argentina, Malaysia, Indonesia or Taiwan, as examples of 65 countries belonging in this price group.)

2. To ”a more than standard user of mobile data” we offer the world´s largest  Wi-Fi network, (today covering over 50 000 000 access points in 100 countries) at a flat monthly price.

  • No limitations of data volumes.
  • No time limitations.
  • From as many devices you wish.
  • No additional cost, only the monthly fee starting from 37 € per user per month for a single user, and downwards.

So, if you have travelling personnel, who need data while travelling, just contact us.

The Flexinets Team

Ps. This is a corporate service, so this naturally includes a portal for management if users, usage limits, user messaging etc. If you so wish.

Pps. We offer now a Trial package. At the monthly price of a 12 month contract you can test the service in 3 months. No further cost. No minimum billing.
Try it out now, so you can find out how much you can save on data roaming.

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