Flexinets has a been awarded a AAA credit rating


Flexible Networks Nordic (Flexinets) has a been awarded a AAA credit rating. This is the highest possible rating from Soliditet (the Nordic countries’ leading provider of credit and business information). This is an acknowledgment that Flexinets is a stable and highly professional partner for customers, suppliers and business associates alike.

Soliditet’s credit rating system is based on an expert model that is built on experience of granting of credit. The system provides a rating standard common for all the Nordic countries, with the rating system identifying both risks and business opportunities.


Requirements for achieving AAA rating:

Over 2,400 decision-making rules form the basis for an assessment. The AAA rating is based on various appraisals of different aspects of a company. These include: age/operations, owners/management, finances and capability to make payments.

Among the requirements for achieving a triple-A rating are:

The Company must have been in business for at least 4 years. The total amount of official non-payment notices must be low in relation to the calculated equity. The key figures must be significantly better than the industry norm. The company must be stable with even and positive development.