U.S WiFi Coverage Increases With 100.000 TWC Hotspots

iPass WiFi coverage in the United States will increase with another 100.000 hotspots thanks to a partnership with Time Warner Cable, TWC.


In fact, in the third quarter, the iPass signed deals with both Devicescape and Fon, and with the addition of them plus organic growth of existing partners, it will end the year with about 50 million hotspots.

More information about iPass WiFi services available here

Flexinets is the leading iPass supplier in the Nordic region, with over 100 corporate customers. This covers major global industrial corporations, financial institutions, governmental bodies and trading companies, ranging in size from 50 000 users down to a few, located all over the world. The common denominator is international travel, and a requirement for productivity on the road and structured control of mobility cost.